Food Allergy Diagnosis
With Certainty

Revolutionizing the way we predict, diagnose and
monitor food allergies with precision for millions
of allergy patients.

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Accurate diagnostics

Have been absent from food allergy science

Severity assessment

Ability to assess severity of allergic disease

Misdiagnosis of food allergies

2/3 of children are misdiagnosed due to imprecise tests

Immunotherapies in development

Surrogate biomarkers to determine therapeutic response

Imagine a world where a
with confidence

As many as 60% of food allergy sufferers may be
misdiagnosed, leading to unnecessary food avoidance, increased patient anxiety, and annual costs of nearly $25 billion in the US alone. AllerGenis is working to change that.

Data-Driven Food Allergy Diagnostics

AllerGenis is creating a database of epitope signatures from real allergy patients and a community
of their families to bring certainty to food allergy diagnosis and management.

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Three Decades Without a
Breakthrough - That's
About to Change

We leverage our deep expertise in immunology and
bioinformatics to bring next-generation solutions to the
diagnosis and management of food allergies.

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Pioneering Precision
Diagnostics for
Food Allergies

At AllerGenis, we are dedicated to harnessing 21st century
technology, science and data to improve the lives of
millions of food allergy patients and their families.